About Us

KEX Express is a Malaysian brand with over 38 years of experience as a courier service provider.
Formerly we are trading as ABX Express. Since 2016 we become a member of the Kerry Logistics Network (KLN).
Since then, we focus more into e-Commerce and retail express services, we also tremendously increase our investment in information technology.

In 2021 KEX Express becomes the global agent of SF International and it marks the start of our international express services.


  1. First Parcel Delivery in EM Labuan.

  2. Expanding our Coverage to the whole East Malaysia.

  3. Services fully covering nationwide Malaysia.

  4. The start of E-Commerce delivery services, the Launched of Customer E-Portal called “Smartship Web”.

  5. The First Opening of Parcel Shop in Kenanga Mall and expanding with over 100+ branches nationwide.

  6. The launched of online shoping portal called “EasyShip”.

  7. The launched of digital FOD and COD Services.

  8. Rebranding & The Launch of KEX Express.

KEX Express Malaysia


KEX Express International



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